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Disrupt yourself or be Disrupted? Come il Retail si sta reinventando Sessione Plenaria di apertura - Strategy Stage


"Non sempre cambiare equivale a migliorare, ma per migliorare bisogna cambiare" (Winston Churchill)




Richard Branson said: “Disruption is all about risk-taking, trusting your intuition, and rejecting the way things are supposed to be. Disruption goes way beyond advertising, it forces you to think about where you want your brand to go and how to get there.”

Markets now move at the speed of technology and adaptation requires innovations to both products and the business model: discover successful retailers at innovation and disrupting their markets!


  • Cut the noise and find a niche strategy
  • Prosper in an omnichannel, connected, digital age
  • Be nimble and flexible to grow profitability


Westfield Milano will be Italy's most innovative destination for shopping, dining and entertainment, where technology and digital services will play a key role in creating the best customer experience. StockX is one of the fastest-growing companies on the planet and is revolutionizing the way millions of buyers and sellers connect each day. Axepta has the most advanced solutions for managing electronic payments.



  • Confimprese: uno sguardo ai trend del 2020 e ai modelli di governance vincenti nel retail italiano
  • Il caso Starbucks: una filosofia di qualità senza compromessi e tutto è in funzione di quello che il cliente vuole

Il Retail 2025: la visione dei Leader e degli innovatori Strategy Stage


  • Logistica: come valutare la qualità dei magazzini e dei Centri Distributivi?
  • Shopping Mall: quali strategie di espansione per le strutture di nuova generazione? Quali opportunità commerciali per l’Italia dei centri commerciali?
  • Home Furnishing -come sviluppare punti vendita a uso misto nel centro città?


  • Fabrizio Dallari - Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management LIUC Business School

Transforming ideas into action: Good personalisation brings higher customer retention! Sessione Plenaria di chiusura


How retailers outside Italy create stronger relationships with their customers. Explore the endless opportunities within the customer journey to identify new touchpoints and find the right channels, using customer centred strategies.

  • How to Leverage Rapid Membership Growth to Drive Engagement, Personalization and Drive Your Brands Customer Strategy

Learn from the best international case studies to redesign your customer experience!

*A Pecha Kucha presentation: 20 images of 20 seconds each in 8 minutes with a well-developed narrative to create a seamless, memorable and meaningful stories.


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Vita da Social, Vita da Influencer: una necessità o una scelta? Sessione plenaria di chiusura - Strategy Stage